Chapitre II - Murcof
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Chapitre IV - Murcof
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Lost in Time

Glacial Movements 2018 - CD / Digital

Casino Luxembourg 2014 - 2xLP


The original soundtrack of the film, blends the aria of the Goldberg Variations sung by Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal with a composition by Murcof.


Coproduction Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and Casino Luxembourg. With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts. Composed by Murcof, the soundtrack of the film Lost in Time was the subject of a previous double album co-produced by Patrick Bernatchez and the Casino Luxembourg in 2014.

"Harmonically complex and elementally powerful, each piece segues seamlessly as one cohesive, hypnotic whole."

-electronic sound #47

01. Introduction

02. Chapitre I

03. Chapitre II

04. Chapitre III

05. Chapitre IV

06. Chapitre V

07. Chapitre VI

08. Chapitre VII

09. Chapitre VIII

10. Chapitre IX

11. Chapitre X

12. Chapitre XI

13. Epilogue

14. Chapitre N

Metamorphosis 2 - Murcof x Wagner
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Musica Riccercata 2 - Murcof x Wagner
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Murcof & Wagner - Statea

Infine 2016 - CD / Vinyl / Digital


Appearing unusual at first, this collaboration between Mexican Ambient figurehead Fernando Corona (better known as Murcof) and multi-award winning French classical pianist Vanessa Wagner surrenders a sublime logic. Both classically trained, their career paths took different trajectories, but converged toward the same enthusiasm when it comes to minimalism.


The project was initiated in 2010 at InFine's own creative retreat – the Workshop InFine festival in Normandoux next to Poitiers in France. Six years on from that initial meeting, and many captivating performances later, they’ve crafted a unique studio album that captures the essence of their concert.

01. In A Landscape 
02. Variations For The Healing Of Arinushka 
03. Avril 14th 
04. Musica Ricercata No. 2 
05. Gnossienne No. 3 
06. Piano Piece 1952 
07. Farewell, O World, O Earth 
08. China Gates 
09. Metamorphosis 2


Infine 2016 - Vinyl / Digital

01. What Arms Are These For You! (Vanessa Wagner Version

02. What Arms Are These For You! (Murcof Version)

03. Gnossienne 3 (Vanessa Wagner Version)

04. Gnossienne 3 (Murcof Version)


Infine 2017 - Vinyl / Digital

01. Metamorphosis 4

02. Piano Piece 1952 (Version 2)

03. Spiegel Im Spiegel


Infine 2017 - Vinyl / Digital

1. Avril 14th (Vanessa Wagner Version)

2. In A Landscape (Si Begg Remix)

3. Tyler In The Road (Vanessa Wagner Version)

4. Avril 14th (Loscil Remix)

Warhole - Murcof & Erik Truffaz
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Murcof & Erik Truffaz - Being Human Being

Mundo 2014 - CD / Vinyl / Digital

The collaborative relationship between French trumpeter Erik Truffaz and Mexican electronic sound sculptor Murcof (Fernando Corona) dates back to 2006, when the pair worked with percussionist Talvin Singh as a live pan-cultural hybrid trio. As a duo they issued the mini album Mexico in 2008, which wove together Truffaz's formal and post-jazz sensibilities with Murcof's fuzzy electronic abstraction.


While Being Human Being isn't an enormous departure sonically, it does hold another dimensional element; namely, the inspiration of French visual artist Enki Bilal, who did the cover especially for this release based on the duo's concept, which ultimately included a film, making this in essence a soundtrack. This is easily heard that way, but it is also more. Opener "Origin of the World" feels like a theme, with Murcof's ambient soundscapes providing a backdrop for Truffaz's emergent, intensely melodic and suggestive bell-like trumpet sounds. But the very next cut, "Warhol," is far more dramatic, with percussive loops, darker textures, layers of reverb, wind instruments, piano, and the implication of a minimally employed sequencer create the body of the tune as Truffaz enters and exits more sparingly. Here, seduction and dread walk hand in hand over nearly 15 minutes. Other highlights included the paranoid futurism of "Chaos," the propulsive "Human Being" -- which, despite its experimental nature, should work well on the club floor -- and the restrained approach of Eastern European post-classical music in "Skin," where cellos, pedals, synths, woodwinds, and a four-note theme dictate a frame for Truffaz on tuba. His trumpet solo, while luxuriating in Murcof's backdrop, is elegant and evocative of both the soundtrack work of Krystof Komeda and Miles Davis' later work with Gil Evans. Being Human Being is compelling and provocative, but lovely all the same.

Thom Jurek - AllMusic

01. Origin of the World

02. Warhole

03. Hybridation

04. Chaos

05. And Nina

06. The Eye

07. Human BeingSkin

08. Infinite Abstract

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The Call of Circè - Murcof & Petit
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Murcof & Philip Petit - First Chapter

Aagoo 2013 - CD / Vinyl / Digital


Over the past years, Philippe Petit and Fernando Corona have regularly played live together, undoubtedly refining their collaboration with each new performance and finding the right balance between their respective sound worlds.

The result is this album which equally finds its roots in Murcof’s modern classical influences and Petit’s coarse post modernist soundscaping. The album may barely reach the forty minute mark, but in the space of three tracks, Corona and Petit create a magnificent soundtrack which teems with haunting choral chants, lush string work and unsettling atmospherics.


This album is rooted in ancient myths and legends, borrowing from Greek mythology for "The Call Of Circé", daughter of Helios and powerful enchantress, and winged divine horse "Pegasus", or from Nordic tales of giant squid-like sea monsters on "The Summoning Of The Kraken". This very much characterises the epic proportions of this album, echoing in parts the amplitude of Murcof’s "Cosmos" (Leaf, 2007), and in others Petit’s equally ambitious "Off To Titan" (Karlrecords 2010), but they temper this with much more delicate moments, for which they assemble incredibly detailed and refined atmospheric passages.


-Bruno Lasnier, Boomkat

01. The Call Of Circe

02. Pegasus

03. The Summoning Of The Kraken

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Isaias IV - Murcof
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La Sangre Iluminada

InFine 2011 - CD / Vinyl / Digital

Intolerancia 2009 (MX) - CD

This soundtrack produced by Murcof was originally released by Mexican label “Intolerancia Records”. InFiné`s reissues includes new editing of the original recordings, remastering by Rashad Becker. 

"La Sangre Illuminada" is a feature film directed by Ivàn Dueñas in 2009 and inspired by Jose Carlos Becerra’s poems and It tells the story of six characters who mutate into new bodies. It is a metaphysical drama of intimate proportions.

1. Sangre y Mateo

2. Hugo 1

3. Hugo 2

4. Eugenio I

5. Eugenio II

6. Eugenio III

7. Eugenio IV

8. Paloma I

9. Paloma II

10. Paloma III

11. Paloma IV

12. Paloma V

13. Soriano I

14. Soriano II

15. Isaias

16. Soriano III

17. Isaias II

18. Isaias III

19. Isaias IV

20. Los Angeles Negros - Como Quisiera Decirte (Murcof Mix)

versailles cover.jpg
Welcome to Versailles - Murcof
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The Versailles Sessions

The Leaf Label 2008 - CD / Vinyl / Digital

GetSound 2008 - CD


In the summer of 2007, Fernando Corona completed a site-specific commission for Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes, an annual festival of sound, light and water at Château de Versailles in France. A suite of music was composed specifically for the grand evening fountain display in the Jardin du Roi. The Versailles Sessions is an aural document of the event.

The six compositions prepared for the project derive entirely from recordings of 17th century baroque instruments (including harpsichord, viola da gamba, flute and violin) and a mezzo soprano. GetSound, who commissioned the project, hired musicians specialized in baroque music in Paris.
“We recorded pieces by Lully, Couperin and others,” says Corona of the sessions. “They were played traditionally, but we also experimented quite a bit with the score and the instruments”.

The recording process may appear to be a departure for an artist known primarily as an electronic musician, but in fact it’s a continuation of techniques Corona has perfected over a number of years. “It’s more or less done in the same fashion as my previous work: processing of previously recorded acoustic material. The only difference is the actual source material being so specific to 17th century baroque music and instruments. And since the recordings are the starting point of the composition process it naturally took me to a different place.”

1. Welcome To Versailles
2. Louis XIV's Demons
3. A Lesson For The Future, Farewell To The Old Ways
4. Death Of A Forest
5. Spring In The Artificial Gardens
6. Lully's "Turquerie" As Interpreted By An Advanced Script

Avant L'Aube - Murcof & Erik Truffaz
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Murcof & Erik Truffaz - Mexico

Blue Note 2008 - CD/Digital


Truffaz, an improvisational jazz trumpeter and Murcof, a glitchy, classically influenced ambient laptop artist are an interesting pairing to begin with. Rather than structuring each piece in a completely democratic format, Truffaz and Murcof seem to take a jazz-like approach; playing off each other and allowing each other to dominate at the appropriate places.


Opener "Al Mediodia" bears the most resemblance to traditional jazz and is based on a simple, syncopated percussion track which Murcof augments with repetitive, glitchy samples here and there. Truffaz dominates the track. his improvisation slinking around and above the rest of the instrumentation.


"Good News From the Desert" is dark piece in which Truffaz takes a backseat, playing simple lines. Truffaz allows Murcof to build up a collage of samples and glitchy, suggestive percussion before he gets a little more involved with wah-effected lines that border on noise and then, finally, closes the track out with a soft, breathy melody.


"Avant L'Aube" is, however, the real highlight here and the most egalitarian, right down to the mixing. The first half of the piece is dark until the climactic modulation in the middle turns it around and it gradually fades out with subtle chord changes and soft, emotive trumpet improvisation.

At 27 minutes minutes long, Mexico is a surprisingly condensed and varied listen. Perhaps the only complaint to be made about it is that it feels like it could have been just as exciting at twice its length.

- br3ad_man, SputnikMusic

1. Al Mediodia

2. Good News From The Desert

3. Avant L'Aube

Cosmos cover.jpg
Cosmos I - Murcof
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The Leaf Label 2007 - CD/Digital/Vinyl


Truly monumental in scale, Cosmos is composed almost entirely of recordings of classical instruments, a process which Corona describes as “expanding the sonic possibilities of acoustic instruments through electronics.” It’s a move away from the micro-programmed sound he helped to pioneer, and his seamless integration of these apparently opposed forms is almost unprecedented.

These new recordings were inspired by a very simple motion, the act of tilting the head towards the skies, or as Corona puts it: “Cosmos basically comes from that state of wonder and mystery and joy and humbling that you get when you let your mind wander freely on a starry night, away from the contamination of city lights. From the realization that there's an infinite universe outside the man-made world and how silly this latter one seems in comparison.”

His past approach involved mixing disembodied orchestral passages amidst microbeats, letting a song shift and mutate in a minimal environment. With Cosmos, he has progressed towards a more sophisticated compositional mode. The immensity of tracks like the monolithic twins ‘Cosmos I’ and ‘Cosmos II’ draw to mind the work of the German electronic pioneers of the ‘70s or the Hungarian composer György Ligeti as much as the visceral, low-end rumblings of SunnO))) or Coil. Murcof’s compositions have always been as much about the absence of sound as what you actually hear, and these techniques are further refined here.

1. Cuerpo Celeste
2. Cielo
3. Cosmos I
4. Cometa

5. Cosmos II
6. Oort

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